Quality Management - Safety, Health&Environment Policy

We, Shina Plant Services Co., Ltd., establish a Safety, Health & Environment Policy with full commitment to contribute to the environmental preservation of the earth by combining the environmental preservation with the enterprise activity as a fabricator of Flare Stack, Flare Tip, Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Dryer and Burner as follows.

We will comply with the rules and regulations related to the environment and satisfy the requirements of the persons concerned.

Shina Plant Services Co., Ltd. will do our best to prevent environmental pollution by enhancing earth environment load due to the manufacturing process and the quality of the product.

Shina Plant Services Co., Ltd. will save the energy and minimize the occurrence of water pollution, waste materials, noise, and vibration in the process of all the activities, products and services.

We will build up credibility by opening the fairness and transparency to the persons concerned.

Shina Plant Services Co., Ltd. will set the goal for the environment and construct the effective environmental management system to check and lead the voluntary participation from Executives and staff members in order to accomplish the Safety, Health & Environmental Policy.